So, you’ve probably landed on this page after searching for ‘electrician Campbelltown’, right? Whether you’ve just moved into the area or are looking to switch contractors, our team of licensed electricians work in homes and businesses all over Campbelltown. 

If you find yourself in an electrical emergency or simply like having a local contractor, we’d love to be your partner technicians. You’ll often see our vans, up and down Lower North East Road, Montacute Road, Gorge Road and all the little streets in the Campbelltown area. 

We offer free quotes, so if there’s specific electrical services you need assistance with, get in touch with our team. But, you’re probably wondering, what type of electrical work do we offer? This is what this article is for – to introduce you to our services and what to expect working with us. 

Our electrician services 

We’re going to give you a snapshot of what we do, but in short, we offer the full suite of electrical services. From single light replacements and installing power points to a full house re-wiring project, we do it all. It’s beneficial to hire technicians who can take care of all types of tasks, instead of having to rely on numerous contractors. You can split out wide range of services into three categories: 

  1. Installations & Maintenance 
  2. Renovations & Extensions  
  3. New Houses  

We’ll go through these in depth in a moment, but first, it’s important to, not only use a full-service company, but also one who knows your area. 

We know Campbelltown 

Yes, having a team of electrical technicians close by gives you peace of mind. But, your reasons for choosing electricians who work (and live) in the Campbelltown area go beyond this. We have an understanding of the problems and opportunities you can face living in this area. 

Feel free to talk to us about any ideas you have for your Campbelltown home. Chances are, we’ve performed these electrical tasks in properties close by. One last benefit of choosing a local technician is we charge less in travel costs (and get to you quicker). If you’re looking for a high-quality electrical contractor in Campbelltown, talk to us. 

Installations & Maintenance 

Okay, so back to our service categories. First up is electrical installations and maintenance. Here’s a rundown on a few of the tasks our electricians perform every day for households in and around Campbelltown: 

  • Electrical fault finding & problem solving 
  • Lighting, power, TV, telephone and appliance repairs 
  • Power point installation 
  • Lighting installations, including LED 
  • New TV points 
  • Smoke alarm installation & testing 
  • Electrical tariff changes 
  • Ceiling fans & air conditioning 
  • Smoke alarms installation & testing 
  • Complete safety inspections 
  • Electrical appliance installation & checks (ovens, cooktops, stoves etc.) 
  • Hot water system repairs. 

Renovations & Extensions 

Are you renovating your home? Thinking about extending a room to make it your new entertainment space? You don’t have to extend your research beyond electrician Campbelltown because we’ve worked on dozens of house update projects. We have experience working with other tradespeople, so give us a call if you’re looking for a local electrician for your home extension. 

A few of our house upgrade services include: 

  • New circuits for power & lighting 
  • Switchboard upgrades & replacements
  • Safety switch installations & testing 
  • Security lighting & cameras
  • Outdoor lighting.

New Houses 

Building a new house? We offer our services to construction companies in Adelaide, too – coming in as the local Campbelltown electrical team. From full building re-wiring and electrical installations, we support builders with a wide range of electrical tasks, including: 

  • Power & lighting 
  • Telephone & broadband 
  • Home theatre & home automation 
  • Access control 
  • Smoke alarm systems 
  • Security alarms & CCTV camera systems 
  • Power points
  • Complete fitouts. 


Saving energy in the home 

Worried about your rising power bill? We’re happy to give you advice on the best ways to save electricity in your house. And because we work all over the Campbelltown area, we’ll be able to compare your power bill against other properties in the area. Even something as simple as switching to energy efficient lighting can make a dramatic difference to your costs. 

With lighting accounting for 10% of the average South Australian household electricity bill, making the change to LED bulbs is one of the easiest and most cost-effective things you can do. They use approximately 75% less energy than halogen lightbulbs and last 5-10 times longer. According to the Department of Environment and Energy, you’ll reclaim the up-front cost of purchasing LEDs in less than one year. 

Your electrician Campbelltown contractors

If you’re looking for a dedicated team of local electricians who know Campbelltown, get in touch with us. You can expect premium workmanship and technicians who solve problems. We’re qualified, licensed, and experienced. We show up on time, give transparent quotes and are more than happy to provide advice to help you reduce your electricity consumption while maximising your comfort. 

We know what you need from your Campbelltown electrician: reliability, quality workmanship and affordability. And, of course, your electrical services completed by someone who’s friendly and willing to help. This is the service you can expect from our technicians. 

We’re not just your electricians. We’re your power problem solvers. Whatever the issue you’re having around the house, we can fix. From something as simple as not having enough power points to renovating a part of your home that isn’t connected to electricity yet, you can rely on our team to find the solution – one that you understand, are happy with and fits your budget. 

Speaking of cost, we aim to be one of the most affordable electricians in Campbelltown. You won’t be handed a blown-out bill after our service. And this is one of the many reasons why our business has a healthy cycle of repeat customers. We’d love for you to be one of them, too. 

You don’t need to continue your electrician Campbelltown search. Let us arrange a free quote for you today. Contact us now.

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