Type in ‘the best electrician Payneham’, ‘electrician Newton’ or ‘electrician Hectorville’ and you’ll be presented with a bunch of different companies. Which one do I choose? It’s good to know that Google lists the top companies, but is it as simple as choosing number one on the list? Yes… and no.

We spoke about the factors that will help you choose the best electrical contractor, but let’s make this article a little bit more focused on your geographical area – searching for the ‘best electrician Payneham.’

Reason #1: They know your area

While you can’t select an electrical contractor without checking their qualifications, licenses, insurance and work experience, there’s one very underrated aspect of your search. That is, paying attention to the location they service.

By partnering with a local electrician Payneham, you can be sure they know the area well. They’ve worked on other houses and understand the specific requirements synonymous to the region. Is there a certain type of build that sets your suburb apart? A local electrician will have experience working with this style.


Reason #2: They (should be) more affordable

If you hire a team of electricians based in Adelaide’s south when you’re up north, you’re going to pay more. They need to factor in travel time. But if you choose a local company, you don’t have to worry about this. Even if you’ve moved house but are still using your old electrician, consider getting a quote from a local team.


Reason #3: They arrive quicker

Of course, as well as saving on travel costs, your electrical company should also get to your house faster. Being just around the corner has its perks. You never have to wait around “somewhere between 9-3pm” for your contractor to arrive.

Having your electrical team close by in the case of an emergency gives you extra peace of mind. And knowing that your team are reliable and will be there when they say just adds to this.

If you’re looking for a local electrical company who also ticks all the boxes (qualified, experienced and insured), get in touch with us. Make your own judgement as to who’s the best electrician in your area. We work with residents (home owners and renters) and businesses in Adelaide’s north, so you’ve probably seen our vans driving around.


We’re ‘Electricians Around Me’, after all.

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