Nothing can quite settle the feeling you get, opening that quarterly power bill. As you slide your fingers along the edge of the envelope to open it up, nervously, you hope that it isn’t as big as your last bill.

As a leading electrical Adelaide wide, we visit many homes and see plenty of opportunities to save on electricity. Our first point of advice is to always partner with a specialist electrical services team when it comes to anything to do with power.

Not only will this keep you safe, but qualified electricians install, service and maintain appliances and systems correctly (which can help save power).

So, what are the types of ways electricians can make your home greener? Let’s go through a few.


Switch to LED lights

Simply by changing traditional light bulbs to LED, you can reduce your power bill. We know if you run a single (incandescent) bulb for five hours a day (for two years), it’ll cost you approximately $32. But using a LED for that same duration will reduce the cost to $12. If you have a number of lights in your house, these savings add up, real fast.


Appliance repairs

Faulty appliances are one of the major causes of expensive power bills. Why? Because they have to work in overdrive just to turn on or operate. And overworking leads to a higher consumption of energy. An electrician will be able to test and tag your appliances, so they’re operating well and have a longer lifespan.

You spend hundreds of dollars to have these products in your home. Look after them so you can maximise that investment.


Emergency repair work

The same goes for troubleshooting existing electrical wiring, lighting repairs, fixing outlets and switches, and offering emergency support. The longer you sit with an issue, the worse it’ll become. If a powerpoint only works sometimes or your air conditioner isn’t cooling like it used to, it’s important to get these things checked out. Otherwise, you’ll see the effects of it on your next electricity bill. Trust us.

If you’re looking for a local, qualified electrical Adelaide team to keep your power bill down and home safe, give us a call. We’re residential specialists, but also work in the commercial industrial space.

We’re happy to shed light on the things we’ve seen that can help save on your electricity bill. Read more about our services.

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