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Your home’s lighting is more than just a functional part. Good lighting reflects its unique style and becomes a design statement. Whether you’d like to save energy and go green or prefer lighting options that exude your personality, we can bring it to your home.

Our lighting Adelaide electricians can handle your design, supply andinstall. We can advise you on how to achieve your best look with the lowest energy consumption. With hundreds of lighting products on the market, don’t panic or get caught by what’s trending. We’ll help you pick lights that are beautiful andcost-effective.

Working on both old and new homes, we install interior and exterior lights, arrange new power switches, upgrade to LED lights, plus add downlights and security solutions.

Our lighting products help improve your lifestyle, create atmosphere, and provide security. Each area in your home has its own requirements. From the dimmable, reading lights above your bed to the confident, bright globes that illuminate your outdoor entertaining area, let’s create your home’s lighting architecture.

Discover your light levels. No guessing.With lighting Adelaidespecialists.

Every homeowner wants to save money on their power bill. But it takes more than investing in LED lighting to make a difference (to the planet and your energy levels).

The step to making this happen (the part that most miss) is to assess how much light is needed, then provide that structure. No two houses are the same, so this assessment is crucial. Part three is intelligently controlling your priorities, which leads to paying less in power.

Put our energy detectives to work and uncover the hidden areas making your power bill soar. You might be surprised by the results. It could be a simple habit change or an overhaul of your lighting system. Either way, you won’t be in the dark about what’s chewing up power any longer.

Being electricians, we can look at your power consumption holistically, from an professionally experienced standpoint – and how lighting fits into, and enhances the bigger picture. We can assess your electrical system and turn it into an efficient, environmentally-friendly structure.

Full-service electrical

Domestic & commercial


Simplify your life with our lighting control systems. Your iPhone or iPad becomes your home’s ‘remote control.’


Keep your loved ones safe at home or protect your business. Get all levels of security including CCTV, monitored security and complete access control.

Audio Visual

Get Hollywood in your own home with a lounge room ‘cinema’ and multi-room audio. Just be ready to entertain a lot more.

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